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hardware None
os_version None


Name Value
cpu Architecture: x86_64
CPU op-mode(s): 32-bit, 64-bit
Byte Order: Little Endian
Address sizes: 48 bits physical, 48 bits virtual
CPU(s): 128
On-line CPU(s) list: 0-127
Thread(s) per core: 2
Core(s) per socket: 64
Socket(s): 1
NUMA node(s): 1
Vendor ID: AuthenticAMD
CPU family: 23
Model: 49
Model name: AMD EPYC 7702 64-Core Processor
Stepping: 0
Frequency boost: enabled
CPU MHz: 1500.000
CPU max MHz: 2000.0000
CPU min MHz: 1500.0000
BogoMIPS: 3992.68
Virtualization: AMD-V
L1d cache: 2 MiB
L1i cache: 2 MiB
L2 cache: 32 MiB
L3 cache: 256 MiB
NUMA node0 CPU(s): 0-127
Vulnerability Itlb multihit: Not affected
Vulnerability L1tf: Not affected
Vulnerability Mds: Not affected
Vulnerability Meltdown: Not affected
Vulnerability Spec store bypass: Mitigation; Speculative Store Bypass disabled via prctl and seccomp
Vulnerability Spectre v1: Mitigation; usercopy/swapgs barriers and __user pointer sanitization
Vulnerability Spectre v2: Mitigation; Full AMD retpoline, IBPB conditional, IBRS_FW, STIBP conditional, RSB filling
Vulnerability Srbds: Not affected
Vulnerability Tsx async abort: Not affected
Flags: fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush mmx fxsr sse sse2 ht syscall nx mmxext fxsr_opt pdpe1gb rdtscp lm constant_tsc rep_good nopl nonstop_tsc cpuid extd_apicid aperfmperf pni pclmulqdq monitor ssse3 fma cx16 sse4_1 sse4_2 movbe popcnt aes xsave avx f16c rdrand lahf_lm cmp_legacy svm extapic cr8_legacy abm sse4a misalignsse 3dnowprefetch osvw ibs skinit wdt tce topoext perfctr_core perfctr_nb bpext perfctr_llc mwaitx cpb cat_l3 cdp_l3 hw_pstate ssbd mba ibrs ibpb stibp vmmcall fsgsbase bmi1 avx2 smep bmi2 cqm rdt_a rdseed adx smap clflushopt clwb sha_ni xsaveopt xsavec xgetbv1 xsaves cqm_llc cqm_occup_llc cqm_mbm_total cqm_mbm_local clzero irperf xsaveerptr rdpru wbnoinvd amd_ppin arat npt lbrv svm_lock nrip_save tsc_scale vmcb_clean flushbyasid decodeassists pausefilter pfthreshold avic v_vmsave_vmload vgif umip rdpid overflow_recov succor smca
memory MemTotal: 263695408 kB


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1603722431000.d99b9dea37adfb88de2af121d31eed1c06b174b4 2020-10-26T20:06:51.334692 0:01:36.353687s View Results
1599092220000.a100cf00b1de7976324e6d661907661f340ba3f7 2020-09-03T05:52:11.537972 0:01:36.704406s View Results
1595636214000.8dafc134683a1aa5538b99d1677dec72779cd45c 2020-07-25T13:39:50.221892 0:01:32.656197s View Results
1593821818000.2c10856d7401eb0f07121dd0c8dbbdf086b364f7 2020-07-04T13:47:52.163596 0:01:34.882677s View Results
1590812319000.6632f2920f08f5b45ffd1ada7006d4591ef9b172 2020-05-30T09:54:31.708717 0:01:36.090479s View Results